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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello and welcome

This is my first attempt at blogging, so please bare with me. I am a member of 2 assume Card groups,
the Magnolicious and  Card_crafts. I am also new at stamping and card making, but learning, from two
very talented groups. So much talent and inspiration in both groups, I have met so many wonderful
and helpful people.

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  1. Hi! You are going to get hooked at this "blogging" thing! I hope you make wonderful friends and find that the ladies at Magnolia-licious are special. I really enjoy hopping from blog to blog to see new crafting creations and learn great techniques. I want to wish you well and Welcome to the group of bloggers!
    I also want to THANK YOU for caring for our great and wonderful Veterans. I care for my elderly WWII Veteran Dad, and appreciate everything the VA does to help us here in our locale. Your servant attitudes are awesome and so much needed! Hugs, Debi